Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dylan Starts School

No pictures this time.

Dylan started school this past Thursday, yippie.

The previous Thursday his teacher came by the house in the evening to meet him on his turff and he seemed to like her.

Then on Tuesday we went to the school for an orientation and Dylan got to check out the classroom, playground and meet some of his classmates.

Then on Thursday I dropped him off in the morning and he did not even care that I was leaving. They had a big tub on legs set up outside with water and some dinosaurs in it and when I asked for a kiss goodby Dylan picked up a dinosaur and gave it a kiss, well at least I did not have to put up with a screaming clingy child, OH well.

Dylan will be going two days a week for most if not all day. The main challenge, and I told the teacher this, is going to be getting him to nap. He did not nap his first day, but at least he did not loose it and wake the other kids up. Other than that his first day was a success.

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  1. Sarah says "he kissed a dinosaur instead of Lee? Smart move."

    I concur.